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First Generation

The History of Star Headlight & Lantern

Generation 1 (1889-1902)

George Washington Jacobs

George Washington Jacobs
Founder & First President / Treasurer

1889: On April 20 of 1889, "Star Headlight & Lantern" formed. The company is located on Allen Street in the city of Rochester, New York. There were five original investors. The original founders were Elias C. Glazier, George L. Estes, Allen D. Close, James H. Crouch and George S. Riley.
1890: George Washington Jacobs buys out all investors to form the Star Lamp Company and the Star Lantern Company located on Allen Street in Rochester, New York. George Jacobs is the President and Treasurer.
1895: George Washington Jacobs dies.


Star Building from the 1915 Catalog #8

From the 1915 Catalog #8