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Replacement Strobe Tubes

Strobe and Linear Strobe Tubes

STAR offers replacement strobe tubes. Use the table below to identify your replacement. If you would like a list of distributors in your area that you can contact for pricing and availability, please call us at 585-226-9787 (M-F 8am-4pm EST) or CLICK HERE to send us your address.

Model Strobe Tube Light Series Models
129 129 200A, 200AD, 200AQ, 200B, 200BD, 200BQ
200C, 200CD, 200CQ, 200AH, 200BH, 200CH
200E Series, 200S Series, 200U Series
240 Series, 250A, 250AH, 250C,
250CH, 250S, 250CH, 250AQ, 250CQ,
250SQ, 250AD, 250CD, 250SD
129-DH 129-DH 200ADH, 200AQH, 200BDH,
200BQH, 250ADH, 250AQH,
250CDH, 250CQH, 250SDH,
250SQH, 3940
129-R 129-R  241 Series, 845 Series
129-Z 129-Z 200J Series
200Z Series
201Z Series
203MV Series
211R Series
129-CG3601 129-CG3601   
212-TUBE 212-TUBE  
ST3901 ST3901 SH3904, SH3920, SH3922
Four Corner Strobe Kits Colors:
Amber, Blue, Clear, Red
ST3901-7 ST3901-7 9200S Series and Lightbars
with 360 Degree Strobe Heads
(expect lightbars with self-contained strobes)
ST3901-12 ST3901-12  
ST413P ST413P SH4500, SH4501,
Four Corner Strobe Kits Colors:
Amber, Blue, Clear, Red
ST413P-W ST413P-W  
ST415P ST415P  
ST415P-W ST415P-W  
Model Linear Strobe Tube Light Series Models
LST129-4 LST129-4 SH3964
LST129-7 LST129-7  SH3967